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Mobile App

Enjoy the convenience of mobile banking when you download the SDFCU mobile app. Perform everything from checking balances to depositing checks from your phone and save a trip to the branch.

What are the details?

  • Mobile Deposit* - Deposit checks from your phone using our app and your camera
  • Check your account balances
  • Find the closest free ATM or branch locations (GPS based)
  • Use Bill Pay
  • Transfer money between your accounts and schedule recurring transfers
  • Reset your username and password
  • Turn your cards on or off
  • Activate debit card purchase rewards
  • Pay your loan from an external account
  • View your credit score

*To be eligible for Mobile Deposit, you must have an account open for 30 days, have an account in good standing, be enrolled in Online Banking and be at least 18 years of age

Visit Android’s Google PlayTM or Apple’s App StoreSM search for “SDFCU” to download our app.

Online Banking

Online Banking allows you to bank at your convenience from any desktop. Access your accounts to check your balance, transfer funds, view your account history, pay bills and more!

What are the details?

  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay your SDFCU loans from an outside bank account or debit card
  • Make payments to vendors and merchants using Bill Pay
  • Order checks and view canceled checks
  • View monthly account statements
  • Review online credit card information
  • Stop payments on checks
  • View monthly account statements
  • Set up Account Alerts - including minimum balance and large withdrawal notifications
  • Initiate a wire transfer
  • Submit a Travel Notification for your debit or credit cards
  • Gain access to one of our premiere Personal Financial Management tools Money Management
  • Check and redeem your Flexpoints or Cash Back rewards

Sign in to Online Banking.on the left-hand side of homepage or a the top of any of the pages on the website. Your Online Banking password will be the last four (4) digits of the primary account owner's Social Security number for your first time use. Once logged in, you will be prompted to select a different unique password.

Bill Pay

Enjoy the convenience of receiving, viewing and managing your bills anytime and from anywhere using your personal computer or smartphone. The best part is that Bill Pay is simple to use, secure and there are no fees.

What are the details?

  • Pay all of your bills directly from Online Banking or the Mobile App.
  • Send payments to virtually anyone in the continental United States
  • Track your finances
  • Set up automatic bill pay
  • Get email alerts for bill arrivals, due dates and upcoming payments
  • Run payment reports and create custom reports

Visit Online Banking or the Moblie App to set up Bill Pay.


You can access your statements anytime through Online Banking. All Online Banking users are automatically scheduled to receive e-Statements. In addition, by using your current email address, you can set up monthly alert notifications to be sent to you.

What are the details?

  • It eliminates paper storage hassles and helps the environment
  • Save statements on your computer and print them whenever you would like
  • It eliminates the risk of your statement getting lost in the mail or falling into the wrong hands
  • Receive your statement quicker
  • It's simple, convenient and FREE

To set up e-Statements, visit Online Banking and click the "e-Statements" tab.

If you wish to receive your account statements by mail, simply follow the instructions above to access your e-Statements, then click “Change Registration Information” for paper statements.

For more information, email us at online@sdfcu.org or call us at 703.706.5000 or 800.296.8882.

Telephone Banking (Account24)

Once you start using Account24, you will find that it is an easy way to make regular account transactions and get detailed information 24 hours a day. Account24 is FREE, and all you need is your SDFCU account number and your Account24 PIN to use the service.

What are the details?

  • Obtain your account balances
  • Make transfers between your different accounts
  • Find out what checks have cleared
  • Request your check withdrawals
  • Inquire about an existing loan
  • Check your dividend and interest rates

To access Account24, dial 703.706.5172 or outside the Washington, D.C. metro area dial 800.296.8882, ext. 5172. When you call for the first time, use the last four digits of the primary account owner's Social Security Number.

Text Banking

With Text Banking, you can check your balances and transactions anytime, anywhere with a Short Message Service (SMS) text. Once you have registered your phone, simply dial short code 454-545 and enter one of the commands below to retrieve your account information.

Quick Text Commands:

  • BAL– Primary balance
  • LAST– Last five transactions
  • TRAN– Transfer funds to primary account
  • STOP– Deactivate service
  • HELP– Help keywords
Sign up for Text Banking

To sign up for Text Banking, simply login to Online Banking, then click on "Products" and then "Account Alerts." Need more information? We're here to help! Contact one of our Member Service Representatives via email at sdfcu@sdfcu.org or by phone at 703.706.5000 or 800.296.8882.



A faster loan process


State Department Federal Credit Union is proud to offer you DocuSign - the fastest, easiest, most secure way to sign, track and store documents.

  • Free: There is no cost to sign a document and your electronic signature holds the same weight as a pen on paper.
  • Fast: Available on demand, DocuSign lets you electronically sign and return documents in minutes or hours—not days or weeks.
  • Easy: With no need to print, fax or mail, you can easily sign with any Internet-enabled device.

Electronic signatures are currently available for the Credit Card process.

DocuSign Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What is DocuSign?

    DocuSign is an electronic signature web based software, which allows contract signers to provide an eSignature to contract documents.

  • Why sign electronically?

    We offer members the option of signing documents using DocuSign to make it easier and faster for member loans to be funded, and it saves time, paper, printing and postage cost.

  • How is my eSignature created?

    The first time you receive a document, you’ll be asked to create your own eSignature. You can type in your name and select a font, create one with your mouse, upload a scanned image of your pen-and-paper signature, or use a stylus on your Apple iPad or tablet PC. This eSignature will be associated with a unique identifier so that every document you eSign will be recorded as signed by you and you alone.

  • Who do I call if I am having a problem with the electronic signature process?

    Please contact us at 703.706.5000 or 800.296.8882.

  • What device can I use to electronically sign my documents online?

    You can electronically sign your documents using any computer, tablet or a smart phone with an internet connection. PDF reader Acrobat® or similar software may be required to view and print PDF files.

  • What are the approve and decline signing tags used for?

    These provide you with a way to approve or decline a contract. If Approve is selected you will be able to continue signing. If Decline is selected you will be prompted to enter a reason.

  • Do we still offer printed loan documents to sign?

    Yes, we will continue to allow members to sign loan documents in paper form. Speak with your lending officer.

  • Are electronic signatures legal?

    In 2000, the U.S. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act established electronic records and signatures as legally binding, having the same legal effects as traditional paper documents and handwritten signatures. But not all eSignature solutions are created equal. Only DocuSign warrants federal ESIGN Act compliance. Per European Directive 1999/93/EC, DocuSign’s advanced signature is legally admissible and enforceable in the European Union. In fact, almost every civilized country in the world has adopted an electronic signature law, and the vast majority recognize DocuSign’s form of electronic signature as meeting the definition of a valid electronic signature.

Download User Guide

For more information call 703.706.5000 or 800.296.8882.


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