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Members benefit deeply from an experienced group of volunteers leading your credit union’s committees. We value the different backgrounds, perspectives, and talents of our volunteers that represent our membership. As a credit union member, you have the opportunity to serve on various SDFCU committees.
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Voting rights

As a member, you have one vote that can influence the direction of the credit union.

Board of Directors

  • Credit unions are owned by their members, and are led by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the credit union’s membership
  • SDFCU’s Board of Directors consists of nine members who are elected for three-year terms and serve without financial compensation
  • Board members have the responsibility of maintaining the general direction and control of our credit union to safeguard member investments
  • Any member can be nominated to run for an open position on our Board of Directors
  • If you are interested in leading our credit union as a member of the Board of Directors or serve as a committee member, please email us


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Annual Meeting

SDFCU holds its Annual Meeting each year in April, which gives members a chance to hear about SDFCU's year in review, and speak with Board members, executives, and staff in person.

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